free motion elbow supports

The support that follows you!

Performance through comfort

What is Free Motion Elbow Supports?

The Posiflex free motion elbow supports follow the natural movements of the arms, preventing and helping to reduce muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and back. Ideal for any precision work, performed in a restricted area, such as dentistry and laboratory work, to name a few.

They are the result of 3 years of research and clinical studies. At their 4th generation, these unique design elbow supports are the best allies you can have at work.

Clinical studies have shown that the use of our elbow supports has significantly reduced the intensity of shoulder and arm muscle contractions, while promoting good posture.

" Without the Posiflex stool and specifically the free motion elbow supports, I am not sure if I would still be practicing dentistry today. The use of this device was instrumental in increasing my comfort level and has helped me removed cervical tension as well as in between the shoulder blades. "
Dr André Gilbert

Soft cushion

This soft cushion makes it possible to anchor the elbows well in the support in order to stabilize them and make the most of all the benefits of this remarkable product. The target design helps you with positioning.

Made of memory foam, the cushion provides great comfort and helps prevent pain. In addition, it ensures vibration absorption (ultrasonic, polishing, milling, etc.).

It is important to point out that this is really an ELBOW support! This design is made to support the elbow and not the forearm.

Appuis-coudes mobiles Posiflex

Adaptable to ALL chairs and stools

Want to keep your favourite chair? No worries! As long as it is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder, it will marry perfectly with our elbow supports. The adapter makes it easy to install 1 or 2 elbow supports on the cylinder of your favorite chair or stool. The installation being made directly under the seat, this allows to keep the adjustment in height.

1 ou 2 appuis-coudes

* Can be installed on left or right side

Optimize your experience by combining our elbow supports with one of our Posiflex chairs.

Mobility, the support that follows you!

Their unique design offers a wide range of movements. Adjustable to the millimeter and mounted on rotating caps, they ensure complete mobility.

The tension adjustment allows the supports to easily follow the natural movements of the arms. You can control the flexibility of the support according to your needs. Your arms can be well supported and stay close to the body.

Appuis-coudes mobiles
Échelle graduée des appuis-bras

Personalized and precise

Among the many distinctive benefits of this product is the personalized appearance of it. It is adjustable in height, to the millimeter, thanks to its graduated scale suitable for all morphologies. These are not the predefined sizes that we find on the standard chairs on the market today.

With the tension adjustment, these precise adjustments leave room to do your work with the arms closer to the body. Since the forearm is free to move, the wrist can remain in the same axis. This avoids pronounced bending and prevents carpal tunnel problems. We think in particular of the work of extreme precision: dentist, hygienist, illustrator, eyelash technician, electrolysis, laboratory technician, etc.


Muscle contraction, due to precision, can decrease blood circulation by up to 90%. This causes muscle fatigue and loss of performance. Moreover, by focusing on precision tasks, we forget too easily the right posture to adopt. The elbow supports keep you in the optimal position for your work.

The numerous benefits

Durability: The choice of materials is very important for Posiflex. They are high quality materials, solid and resistant to disinfectants. The first mobile elbow supports were created in 2002 and they are still in use today!

Easy to clean: Elbows are easy to clean and are designed to prevent germ build-up.

ROI: Due to the health benefits, it has been clinically proven that the use of this product reduces musculoskeletal disorders. This makes it possible to prolong or even save the careers of certain professionals. It provides considerable savings on physiotherapy, chiro, massage therapy, etc. It helps prevent work stoppages due to physical disorders as well as the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Above all, it provides energy thus increasing productivity.

Check out our videos section to learn more.

Spec sheet Free motion elbow supports

Appuis-coudes mobiles Posiflex
Study on the use of Posiflex mobile elbows

Clinical study

Dental work requires precise and controlled movements, often causing the body to adopt static and awkward positions which can strain the neck, back and shoulder muscles. Over a certain period of time, an inadequate posture can cause discomfort, pain and many illnesses (tendinitis, bursitis, etc.)

The clinical studies have demonstrated that the use of the Posiflex free motion elbow supports significantly reduced the intensity of muscular contractions in the arms and shoulders.

Clinical study summary on the use of Free motion elbow supports

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Professionals using the Free Motion Elbow Supports

Precision work requires stability and constant efforts. Obtain a better posture and increase your comfort while reducing muscle demand.