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The assistant stool revisited, the INFINITE COMFORT!

The Posiflex stool, your best assistant!

Posiflex innovates once again with its version of the dental assistant stool, P8. Our dental assistant stools allows both a thoracic support and an ergonomic lumbar support.

Too often, we forget the importance of posture at work. The Posiflex enlarged torso support, in arched or in 8 shape, allows for a more upright position and more space to rest the arms.

The lumbar support, meanwhile, allows to follow the lumbar curve to keep the back in its natural position.

Depending on your needs, several configurations are available, including a regular or saddle-type seat and a circular, height-adjustable footrest.

" The ventral support in 8 is very advantageous and gives me a good stability. I have better visibility and less fatigue in my legs because I had to work standing up to see. "
Micheline Bernier, Dental assistant

Saddle stool - PS388

The Posiflex PS388 showcases our famous saddle type of seat. The seat shape allows you to get closer to the patient, while taking advantage of a precise lumbar support that helps keep your back straight. The sitting-standing position allows you to work higher while keeping your feet on the ground. This makes travel easier, faster and safer, while avoiding twisting. This unique molded foam shape provides incomparable comfort!

The enlarged arched ventral support is ideal for this type of seat. Longer and wider, it offers more support space for the arms in the working position.

Spec sheet Assistant saddle stool

Dental assistant saddle stool
Assistant saddle PS388 other views
Posiflex P8 dental assistant chair
Assistant stool P8 - other views

Stool with 8 shape torso support - P8

Our P8 dental assistant chair includes chest support and lumbar support. This model is recommended for those who work face-to-face or bias, and to be avoided if working sideways. This design favors a more upright position and thus provides more support space for the arms.

* Adjustable height foot ring and choice of long cylinder or extra long (see the product spec sheet).

Ambidextreous torso support

The thoracic support in 8, by its symmetrical shape, is easily interchangeable, from one side to the other, in few seconds. This is as suitable for right-handed as left-handed.

Spec sheet Assistant stool with 8 shape torso support

Clinical study on torso support in 8

Being able to work pain-free is a real challenge for dental assistants. Pain reduces job satisfaction, can lead to loss of work time and even shorten career longevity. This article will attempt to explain some of the causes of this pain and also provide information about new support features for dental assistant stools designed to reduce work-related pain. Users were recently surveyed to investigate the effectiveness of this new stool.

With the wider support, three-quarters of the assistants were able to support both elbows. Lower back pain was significantly reduced from 66% to 29%.

Summary of clinical study on the use of Posiflex 8

To read the full comparative clinical study article > click here <

Frequent back and arm pain

Clinical studies of the use of support in 8

Stool with arched torso support - P88

The model P88, is a variant of the model P8. The difference lies in the ventral support. This model is recommended for those who work as much side, face or bias to the patient. It offers a well-balanced, curved lumbar and ventral support that encourages maintaining an upright position while supporting the elbows and upper body.

* Adjustable height foot ring and choice of long cylinder or extra long (see the product spec sheet).

Spec sheet Assistant stool with arched torso support

Dental assistant chair P88
Assistant stool P88 - other views

Choose the color of your chair

Wide color range of non-porous antibacterial vinyl. Use color chart as a guide, colors may vary according to your screen. *Upcharge for Ultraleather.

Professionnals using Posiflex 8