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I had suffered for a few years from back and shoulder pain due to repetitive movements and bad postures related to my work as an artist. The Posiflex chair, with its free motion elbow supports, helps me enormously by relieving the tension on the shoulder when I paint, while allowing me to keep an optimal posture which also eliminates the tension of my back. It's really a miraculous solution for me that allows me to continue my daily work by drastically limiting the pain!
Posiflex Free motion elbow supports
Jean Labourdette
Artist painter
I had muscle pain mainly in my shoulders, upper back and also in my lower back. I then bought a Posiflex stool. The advantage of this chair with its free-motion elbow supports and lumbar support is that the way I position myself near the patient allows me a straight position, so that I have no tension at the back and shoulders. It also allows me to move easily around the patient while maintaining this ideal position, so only my legs move. I think it is an essential tool in our daily lives, which should be present from the outset, to prevent chronic pain, which is often related to the ergonomics of dentistry.
Dre Mélanie Dubois
I have been a dental hygienist for 25 years and as a result of various musculoskeletal problems, I decided to try the Posiflex ergonomic chair with movable elbows, which really changed my life! I’ve been using the chair for 10 years and I’m so much less tired at the end of the day. I have considerably less pain in my neck, back, shoulders, elbows and wrists. I had to work for 1 month with a conventional chair and this is where I felt even more the difference and comfort that the Posiflex chair brings me. It was really painful, I couldn’t wait to find my Posiflex chair... I can’t do without it! I recently bought a Posiflex saddle stool and I notice that I no longer glide on the front of the seat and my pelvis remains straight. Honestly, this stool is a thousand times more comfortable, I feel that my body is fully supported.
Marylène Dumont
Dental hygienist
As a computer illustrator, I have to perform repetitive, precise and sometimes uncomfortable movements. With my wrists weakened by several tendinitis, I am always on the lookout for solutions that can help me work without pain and thus optimize my production. With this in mind, I discovered the Posiflex chair with free-motion elbow supports. The flexibility offered by this product is perfect for my needs. The appropriate lumbar support as well as the movable armrests allow me long drawing sessions and greatly reduce tensions at the joints. Adjustments are easy, the components are quality and, with a good posture, my hands are always properly supported. It is now an essential tool for my work environment and I strongly recommend it to all those for whom precision and long working hours are a daily reality.
Maxime Bigras
As a dental assistant, my working position is not always ideal, but thanks to the Posiflex chair, I now have the ideal position. My lumbar region is always supported thanks to the base that allows my back to remain supported in a constant way. The free-motion elbow supports allow me to take micro breaks during the different treatments and to keep a good posture. Now I can perform my tasks in a comfortable and ergonomic way. I recommend this product to all dental assistants who suffer from postural pain.
Marie-Pier Courcelles
Dental assistant
Before experiencing the Free Motion Elbow Supports, by day’s end I regularly experienced pain in my shoulder and neck. Since having found the Free Motion Elbow Supports, I no longer feel this nagging pain, even at the end of a long day’s work.
Hélène Dionne
I want to write to mention that I woke up with a body that looked like I didn’t recognize... My morning pain was reduced by 80%! I don’t think it was in my head. I think your saddle stool with free-motion elbow supports helps me a lot. And as you say, when you’re in pain, you adapt even faster to the new position.
Dre Sophie Cossette
My parents bought me a Posiflex chair as a graduation gift. I am very grateful because I use it every working day since my graduation in 2013. What I love most about this chair is that with the free-motion elbow supports, my shoulders are always relaxed and my back is well supported, which allows me to do my job without suffering from back or shoulder pain. I advise to position the patient high enough, but on a horizontal plane as much as possible. There is some time to adapt, but it is worth it since I would not do without my chair today.
Audrey Gauvreau
Dental hygienist
So far I like this elbow support very much ! It really alleviate my pain in the shoulder a lot, especially after my surgery. I am very pleased and not hesitate to tell my friend about your product! Again, I would not go back. I am relying on this elbow support so much each day when I am treating my patient. It is really a great invention and good clinical companion for dentists who bend their neck, back and the lumbar part during their long working hours.
Dr Henry Chang
Dentist, Taiwan
After only 6 years of practice as a dental hygienist, I was diagnosed with tendonitis and bursitis in my left shoulder. After my operation, the specialists told me that I would no longer be able to practice my profession because of the work positions. It was then that my employer provided me with a Posiflex chair with free-motion elbow supports to help me continue in my field. Since then, 16 years have passed and I still practice the profession of dental hygienist in private office. I can really say that Posiflex saved my career.
Louise Thériault
Dental hygienist
I am really happy with the elbow support! Actually they help me more than what I expected them to help. As you know, I'm a prosthodontist and my appointments are really often longer than one hour. With the elbow support I'm certainly more relaxed and for short moments I'm even able to drill without the finger support (then it's more like painting with longer movements and gives a smoother outcome). I've noticed that there is also a clear improvement in the videos that I've shot: they are more stable. But anyway I feel that I work more relaxed.
Dr Peter Rusanen
Dentist, Finland
Without the Posiflex stool and specifically the elbow supports, I am not sure if I would still be practicing dentistry today. The use of this device was instrumental in increasing my comfort level and has helped me removed cervical tension as well as in between the shoulder blades. I have used the Posiflex system for at least 6 years now. I am using the supports on both sides, 80% of the time.
Dr André Gilbert
I had tendonitis regularly in my shoulders and elbows and I had surgery for carpal tunnel problems. With the Posiflex 8, my back pain disappeared in 1 month and decreased steadily for other areas. The Posiflex 8 stool has changed my practice!
É. (15 years of practice)
Dental assistant
It is now over two years that I have been using the Posiflex free motion elbow supports. There has been a definite sustained positive effect of increased comfort while working. I am please to report that it has eliminated the pain I used to feel between my shoulders while working and now at the end of the day I am going home feeling comfortable.
Dr Herb McLeod
Dentist, Ontario
In 2003, I purchased my first Posiflex chairs after one of my hygienists was hospitalized for severe muscolo-skeletal pain. After consultation with an occupational therapist, I equipped my hygienists’ and my own two operatories with Posiflex chairs. I can honestly say that neck and shoulder pain is improved by 90% and lower back pain is now very infrequent. My Posiflex chairs are as important to me as my mirror and my handpiece. I always thought that anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants as well as visits to the chiropractor, physiotherapist and osteopath were just a natural part of being a dentist or hygienist. If you factor in lost time and the cost of all of those treatments, Posiflex chairs really are a long-term investment in ourselves and our most precious resource, our team. I could not imagine practicing modern-day dentistry without these chairs.
Dr Gérald P. Riley
I use the elbow support 90% of the time, and I can say now that I would not work without this technology anymore because I can feel the difference. I have less tension in my shoulder at the end of the day.
Dr Marc Apap
Dentist, France
I had been experiencing pain for years related to the tension in my shoulders. We all know dentistry has a way of causing such stress because we have to hold our arms unsupported in the air, all day long! Once I started using the Posiflex elbow supports, and after a short learning period, I no longer had the extreme tightness in the shoulder area, nor the frequent headaches associated with it. I literally will not work without them, and will be purchasing a second pair this year as I am expanding my practice. I also noticed an increased stability in hand position as I was supported by the Free Motion Elbow Supports. This, in turn, reminded me to use the elbow supports, in the beginning, because it just felt so much more stable and comfortable.
Dre Susan Huxtable
Dentist, Ontario
I'm very happy to have the Posiflex 8, it's night and day with my old stool. I noticed an improvement at all levels, especially endurance at work which is 8/10 instead of 4/10.
H. (32 years of practice)
Dental assistant
I have been a dental hygienist for almost 25 years. In November 2007, I needed to get advice as I had experienced some shoulder pain for a couple of months. With a diagnostic of bursitis and tendinitis I had to stop working for 8 months. I have tried a partial return after 2 months without success. I have return to work now for 7 weeks using the Posiflex chair and my shoulder is feeling much better. As an experience dental hygienist, I believe it would be beneficial to use the Posiflex chair for all of the dental personal.
Johanne Talbot
Dental hygienist
The elbow supports give me a good support and allows me to rest my back and shoulders. The difference is striking from my old stool.
Lucienne Bolduc
Dental hygienist
Since I am using the Posiflex Free Motion Elbow Support, I do not have to stand and massage my back against the wall between each patient. I have an improve stability and less fatigue in my arms. I would advise every practicing dentist to use this product.
Dr Nagy Brady
I have found a tremendous difference between a regular operator stool which I have used for the past 18 years and the Posiflex chair which I have used exclusively over the past 6 months. I have found that I have far less lower back and neck discomfort and find practising dentistry far more comfortable. Having the ability to rest an elbow during static procedures like light curing and other procedure removes a lot of stress from my lower back. I am very happy with my decision to purchase the Posiflex for my associate and myself and we have both found this to be an excellent and very comfortable chair and well worth the investment.
Dr Ray Katz
Dentist, Ontario
At the beginning I was very sceptical however, after one month of using the Free Motion Elbow Supports, I noticed that my posture is better. Now I find that I am in support most of the time and I realize the benefits of using the Free Motion Elbow Supports, specially during long procedure with the turbine.
Dre Josée Landry
After only two and a half months of use, my backaches have diminished by about 80%. I use the Free Motion Elbow Supports, about 50% of the time, but more often with the left arm. It would be a handicap to not have this equipment. I recommend this product at 100%. Finally, a product that is designed for the practitioner!
Dre Ginette St-Rock
I decided to try Posiflex chair with free-motion elbow supports for myself. After only 3 weeks, I could not work without it. I feel like I am in a Lazy Boy chair…very relaxed and my back pain are gradually going away. I then decided to purchase Posiflex chairs for all of my hygienists as well as for my assistants. My employees are giving me 100% at work! So I cannot afford loosing them for reason which in my opinion can be prevented by using the right equipment.
Dre Nancy Béliveau
I seriously considered quitting my profession due to the strong muscle tensions in my shoulders and lower back. After 4 months of using the Posiflex stool with the Free Motion Elbow Supports, the pain has been reduced by 80%. I no longer take pain reliever and I have stopped visiting my physiotherapist.
Michelle Fontaine
Dental hygienist
The Posiflex Stool, It’s my LazyBoy chair! Total comfort! I did not really experience pain before I use this chair, but I had tensions in my lower back and in the trapezes area which does not occur anymore. Like all new equipment you must take the time to adjust. I would recommend this working aid to everyone.
André Lavallée
Dental hygienist
I was contemplating leaving the profession because of the pain. With the use of the Posiflex Free Motion Elbow Supports, I changed my working position to have my arms closer to my body. I position myself at 11 and 12 o’clock and place my patient at a higher position. The elbow supports allow me to relax the shoulder muscles. I quickly adapted to the presence of the mobile elbow supports. It became a natural response. I am always using the support except when I have to floss a patient.
Sylvie Trudeau
Dental hygienist
So comfortable and relaxing!
Dre Stefanny Tran
The Posiflex free-motion elbow supports are a significant contribution to the workplace ergonomics.
Dr Claude Martel
Because of intense lower back pain, I really considered quitting my practice. After only 2 weeks, I realized how beneficial this device was for me. I will not work without the elbow supports that have changed the way I practice dentistry.
Dr Carrier