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Posiflex Design’s ergonomic products are designed, developed and manufactured in Quebec.

Our designs are always developed to provide comfort and to counter musculoskeletal disorders. They are built with high quality materials to provide you with ergonomics and durability. Our products will last and service you for several years.

Appuis-coudes, appui bras, accoudoir
Appuis-coudes mobiles Posiflex
Can be installed on all chairs or stools with hydraulic cylinders.

Their unique design makes it possible to follow the natural movements of your arms creating an extension of them.

Its soft cushion allows the elbow to anchor well, providing incomparable comfort and even absorbing vibration. Adjustable to the millimeter and mounted on rotating cap ensures complete mobility.

A trademark in the field of dentistry, these elbow supports also meet the needs of other professionals: laboratory, aesthetics, graphics, jewelry, tattooing, precision assembly, etc.

Tabourets et chaises ergonomiques Posiflex
Ergonomics chairs and stools
Experience the Ultracomfort option!

No matter the area of precision in which you work, Posiflex Design offers you a wide range of chairs and stools adapted to your needs.

We also have several options/add-ons available. We believe that each person is different and deserves the best. That’s why we offer several options of adjustments to customize your chair.

Regardless of the field of activity in which we work, it is essential to have a good posture to prevent and reduce pain.

Chaises d'assistante dentaire Posiflex
Chaise d'assistante Posiflex 8
The infinite comfort!

Posiflex innovates, once again, with its version of the dental assistant stool including an arch or 8 shape torso support.

Compared to conventional stools, our assistant chairs include both thoracic and lumbar support. The 8 shape torso support, designed for both right-handed and left-handed individuals, promotes an upright position due to its shape and thus offers more support and space for the arms.

The saddle-type seat option is also available.

Sac de transport Posiflex
Coussin triangle pour fauteuil dentaire
The Posiflex experience everywhere with you!

A visit to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for many. To make this experience more enjoyable, the Posiflex cushion for dental chairs has been designed so that the patient’s head is positioned at the end of the chair. The cushion allows to limit the front flexions of the back and neck of the dental professional, and promotes the comfort of the patient. Suitable for children and adults.

Do you travel frequently as part of your work? Bring your Posiflex comfort with you thanks to our carrying bag designed specifically for our products!