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Chairs and stools for professionals

Posiflex Design has developed several models of chairs and stools over the years. Each model was designed according to the basic principles of ergonomics, to allow the user to change position without restricting his movements and promote blood circulation. Like other Posiflex products, chairs and stools are made of high-quality materials that ensure their durability.

The models presented offer a choice of seats and lumbar supports according to the needs.

Are you familiar with our “Ultra Comfort Option”?

The Ultracomfort option is based on the use of multiple layers of firm-support foam and viscoelastic foam on the backrest and seat. This option, available on all our models, increased comfort by reducing pressure points.

Find the perfect model for your needs.

" So far I like this elbow support very much ! It really alleviate my pain in the shoulder a lot, especially after my surgery. I am very pleased and not hesitate to tell my friend about your product! Again, I would not go back! I am relying on this elbow support so much each day when I am treating my patient. It is really a great invention and good clinical companion for dentists who bend their neck, back and the lumbar part during their long working hours. "
Dr Henry Chang
Dentist (Taïwan)
" After only 6 years of practice as a dental hygienist, I was diagnosed with tendonitis and bursitis in my left shoulder. After my operation, the specialists told me that I would no longer be able to practice my profession because of the work positions. It was then that my employer provided me with a Posiflex chair with free-motion elbow supports to help me continue in my field. Since then, 16 years have passed and I still practice the profession of dental hygienist in private office. I can really say that Posiflex saved my career. "
Louise Thériault
Dental hygienist

Operator saddle stool - PS3 or PS36

The Posiflex S3 highlights our famous saddle type of seat. Designed for precision work in restricted areas, it will follow all your movements, especially allowing the sitting-standing position.

The shape of the seat provides stability, avoiding sliding forward during the day and preventing compression of the pelvic floor. The lumbar support design precisely follows the natural curve of the back and thus helps to keep the back straight. The universal design is made for both men and women. This unique molded foam shape provides incomparable comfort!

The saddle is made with antibacterial vinyl, it is durable and easy to maintain. You can also add our Posiflex free motion elbow support.

Tabouret selle PS3 et PS36
Tabouret avec appuis-coudes P1

Posiflex operator chair

The Posiflex chair is our timeless classic! Since its creation 20 years ago, it has demonstrated its sustainability and continues to grow in popularity.

Thanks to its oval shape and the adjustment of the inclination, the seat avoids any pressure under the thighs promoting blood circulation. The lumbar support, on the other hand, hugs the curve of the lower back to provide support at all times. Being able to adjust the angulation of it, it advances sufficiently to support your back during your precision procedures. You can also add 1 or 2 Posiflex free motion elbow supports.

Spec sheet Operator chairs

Configuration options

Tabouret Posiflex 1

Posiflex 1

2 elbow supports,
regular cylinder

Tabouret Posiflex 2

Posiflex 2

1 elbow support,
regular cylinder

Tabouret Posiflex 3

Posiflex 3

no elbow support,
regular cylinder

Tabouret Posiflex 5

Posiflex 5

2 elbow supports,
long cylinder,
circular footrest

Operator chair with small seat - P1P or P3P

The Posiflex P is a variant of our classic seat that is distinguished by its small seat. This model is recommended for people of small stature or with a limited work space.

It offers the same ergonomic support, double curved lumbar support and multiple adjustments than on all our models.

Seat dimensions: wide x long = 16.5 in x 14 in (42 cm x 36 cm), compared to a regular seat of 17.5 in x 16.5 in (45 cm x 42 cm).

Spec sheet Operator chair with small seat

Tabouret P3P et P1P
Option ultra confort



Use in multiple layers of firm-support foam and viscoelastic foam on the backrest and seat for increased comfort by reducing pressure points.


You can choose the height of your seat using the cylinder. See product spec sheets to choose from the available options.


Support your feet! The footrest adjusts in height and fits on all our models.


Wide color range of non-porous antibacterial upholstery. Use color chart as a guide, colors may vary according to your screen. *Upcharge for Ultraleather.

Choix de couleurs
Appui-pieds circulaire
Multiple adjustments chairs and stools

Professionals using the Posiflex stool

With or without the free motion elbow supports, professionnals choose the Posiflex stool for comfort and safety at work.