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Through these videos, you will discover our products and their benefits for health and ergonomics at work. Our users show you how to use our chairs and free-motion elbow supports and the benefits they get.

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Why I choose the Posiflex chair with free motion elbow supports” – Dre Dubois, dentist

5 ergonomic reasons to choose a Posiflex saddle stool

Dental assistant at work – solutions for lower back pain with the Posiflex 8

Testimonials and Practical demonstrations

How to work without pain according to dentist Dre Dubois

To improve her ergonomics, Dre Benhamou, periodontist, uses the Posiflex chairs with the free-motion elbow supports. She is more comfortable and stable.

Dental assistant : How Posiflex stool with 8 shape torso support changed your work. With the multiple adjustments of this stool, your work is more pleasant.

A dental hygienist explains how Posiflex free-motion elbow supports changed her life !

The best working positions for the dental hygienist, with Posiflex free-motion elbow supports. All time positions are discussed.

80% of my back and shoulders pain have been reduced with the Posiflex free motion elbow supports.” – Michelle Fontaine, dental hygienist

Product adjustments

Posiflex free motion elbow supports adjustments in 2 easy steps and safety warning

Posiflex saddle stool adjustments in 4 easy steps

Posiflex operator chair adjustments in 4 easy steps

Posiflex dental assistant stool adjustments in 3 easy steps : torso support and foot ring.

Installing the Posiflex Free motion elbow supports on your chair in 3 easy steps.

Favour a better and more neutral position for the dental professional by changing the dental chair positioning.