Posiflex, the technology that
takes care of you!

Posiflex Design has contributed to the success and well-being of thousands of professionals for over 20 years! The company designs and manufactures ergonomic products to improve your comfort and safety at work. With unique free motion elbow support, our specialized chairs and stools, offer innovative solutions for your musculoskeletal disorders.

The Free Motion Elbow Support,

Clinically proven, our free motion elbow support prevents and reduces musculoskeletal disorders that are back, shoulder and neck related. Posiflex offers comfort, safety and productivity to professionals who do precision work. In addition, they can be installed on all chairs or stools equipped with a hydraulic cylinder.

Have you heard of the "saddle"
type of seat?

The shape of the ‘saddle’ type seat provides stability, precise lumbar support and allows for sitting-standing positions. This seat is ideal for those who work in limited or tight spaces. The universal design is made for both men and women and prevents compression of the pelvic floor. This unique shape provides incomparable comfort!

Performance through comfort

Do you have an exciting job and aspire to have a long career? Imagine working with complete freedom of movement, without muscular tension in the neck, back, shoulders and legs. We’ve designed products you need to be at your best.

"Because of intense lower back pain, I really considered quitting my practice. After only 2 weeks, I realized how beneficial Posiflex free-motion elbow supports was for me. I will not work without the elbow supports that have changed the way I practice dentistry."
Dr. Pierre Carrier, Dentist
Chaise selle Posiflex
Appuis-coudes mobiles Posiflex
Tabouret selle avec appuis-coudes pour dentiste
Chaise bureau ergonomique Posiflex avec appuis

Your indispensable ally!

The Posiflex® free motion elbow supports are the result of 3 years of research and clinical studies. Whether you call it elbow support, armrest, elbow rest, arm support, this tool is the best solution for your everyday work needs.

Reaching their 4th generation, these uniquely designed elbow supports follow the natural movements of the arms, preventing and helping reduce muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and back.

They are ideal for any precision workperformed in a restricted area, such as dentistry and laboratory work.

Clinical studies have shown that the use of the free motion elbow supports have significantly reduced the intensity of shoulder and arm muscle contractions, while promoting good posture.

"I seriously considered quitting my profession due to the strong muscle tensions in my shoulders and lower back. After 4 months of using the Posiflex stool with the free motion elbow supports, the pain has been reduced by 80%. I no longer take pain reliever and I have stopped visiting my physiotherapist."
Michelle Fontaine, Dental hygienist

Thousands of professionals have already invested in their well-being!