Why posiflex ?

our strength

An incomparable attention to detail and the desire to always innovate.

Founded in 1997 by Lyne Noiseux, Posiflex Design Inc. is a Quebec originated company specializing in the design and production of innovative ergonomic products. The company first started via design consulting of new products for other companies. The company has carried out various mandates for companies such as Laborie Medical Technologies, Horizon Environnement, Gestion Techno-Médic, etc. It began designing its own products in 2002.

The star product being the Free Motion Elbow Support, it is through the development of this product that the company has carved out a place of choice in the dental industry. This product was developed at the request of the ASSTSAS, a government agency that works in occupational health and safety prevention. The Posiflex Free Motion Elbow Support is the result of several years of constant evolving research and development. This product has earned the company several awards in design and entrepreneurship.

Conception de produits

Our mission

Our mission is to innovate and improve health, work safety and quality of life.

Always following the ergonomic recommendations of the ASSTSAS, the company has developed its own range of specialized chairs and stools. Wanting to offer products that meet the needs of professionals, the unique design of the chairs and stools, help to support the thoracic and lumbar spine. The company ensures that all products are designed and manufactured in Quebec.

The company’s ergonomic products are indispensable in many industries including dental offices, medical, laboratory, aesthetic, industrial markets and many others.

The innovation of Posiflex Design has been recognized for helping thousands of people around the world! They contribute to the accomplishment of daily tasks without pain, avoid multiple musculoskeletal disorders and allow many to return to work, especially in the dental industry. Some even claim that these products have saved their careers.

The founder

Lyne Noiseux holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and is also a graduate of Hautes Études Commerciales. Lyne has always cared about the well-being of people. This is why she founded her company: to concentrate her passions by combining industrial design and her dediction in improving the well-being of individuals. The opportunity to conduct a project with the ASSTSAS gave her wings to fly into her manufacturing adventure.

In addition to founding Posiflex design, she oversees graduation projects for students in the industrial design program at the Université de Montréal.

Throughout her career, she has won several awards and honoraria’s, including:

  • Winner of the ADRIQ Technology Award (Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec), in the category of industrial design
  • All Age Entrepreneur Competition Winner (Free Motion Elbow Support)
  • Université de Montréal Scholarship Winner – Best Business Plan
  • 1st prize from the jury and 1st prize of the public for the MAAX contest – Bathroom adaptation for persons with loss of autonomy
  • ADIQ 500 Award – Best Final Design (Multifunctional Laparoscopic Surgical Instrument)
Lyne Noiseux